Bikini, Swimsuit & Sandals Inspiration for Your Little Girl

Today’s post is about our swimsuit / bikini collection for your Little Girl. We hope those 5 pieces of swimwear can serve you as an inspiration. Additionally we’ll show you 2 pairs of trendy beach sandals that can catch your eye as well. Take a look!

But first, just like in our last post for boys – “Swimshorts for boys: 5 budget friendly and trendy ideas“, let’s think about swimwear for our girls in general.

Does my girl need new swimsuit or bikini this summer?

If your girl needs a new swimsuit or bikini depends on few things.

First of all the question is how much she grew from last summer. Because kids at certain age grow few inches / centimetres every year, it’s possible that the swimwear from previous year doesn’t fit them anymore.

Another thing is that swimwear often gets little bit destroyed from the sun, sand and salt water. The more often the kids wear it to the beach, the more chance it will get used up.  But who doesn’t love the sun, sand and water? Of course our kids do!😂😁👍So this year we’ll be spending lots of our time on the beach with them. Therefore we have to be prepared and having the right swimwear is a necessity.

Let’s get inspired!

A Little Flamingo swimsuit

Flamingos together with a trendy founce are now the hot trend for both woman and little girls as wel. In this’ swimsuit’s  case golden flamingos stand out perfectly on the dark blue color of the suit.

This suit is from H&M , sadly it’s sold out online , but we think it can still serve as inspiration for you. One of the trends of this summer are flamingos and  that’s why you can find them in many other stores.

Tropicana bikini

This tropicana inspired two piece swimsuit – bikini – comes also from H&M. Bikini may not be every mum ‘s favoriete because you can easily loose one of the pieces but is surely is very, very cute! If you yourself like to wear bikini to the beach, why not buying one for your Little Girl? If it has similar colours, prints and style you can even make a “Me and Mini Me” outfits! And how cute is that?!   There are many bikinis to choose from at Zara , H&M, Primark and of course your local fashion stores for kids.

A Little Red Strawberry swimsuit

How cute is this Little Red Strawberry swimsuit!? Fruit inspired swimwear is one of the trends of the summer season. You can find it with many different fruit sorts like ananas, watermelon, citrus fruits. They all look sweet and “delicious”🤣 Fresh and fruity trend – perfect for the summer! This swimsuit comes from H&M.

Black & White Polka Dot swimsuit

This white and black polka dot swimsuit stole our hearts! It’s perfect for all real Little Fashionistas out there! It’s a real eye catcher that will steal each heart on every beach in every country ! Elegant, fashionable and cute – what else can we wish for? (the same one in our size, please🤣) If you’ll add some nice summer hat and pair of red little summerglasses your little girl will steal the show for sure! This polka dot swimsuit comes from H&M, but stores like Primark and Zara have similar ones.

Tutti Frutti bikini

This Tutti Frutti bikini is yet another fruit inspired two piece swimwear worth looking at. Pattern with mix of everything that’s trendy this summer- different sorts of fruits and flamingos! This model has trendy founces as an accent on the top and the bottom of the bikini. We see this also on women’s swimwear. You can find this model at H&M or similar ones at Primark.

Accessories: Sandals

Sandals with Letters/Words

This pair of sandals is from Zara and it is absolutly everything! If you are  a trendy mom then you know that the latest trend for woman/men/kids in the footwear is sandals with big letters/words on them. So how about buying such pair for your Little Girl?😁

You may saw something like that by Givenchy. We are glad that Zara, as well as other fashion brands within our price range, got inspired by that trend and created something similar for Little Fashionistas as wel.

 Plastic Sandals 

Plastic sandals – the trend of ’90 and early ’00 is coming back! It’s possible that you yourself were wearing them as a child – we both did😂🤣!

We’ve also found this pair of plastic sandals at Zara but you can get them absolutely everywhere in any color you want!

We hope you liked our few tips and the swimwear we showed you. Of course again it doesn’t mean you have to buy exactly the same models. Those swimsuits, bikinis and sandals serve only as examples and a source of inspiration. We wish you and your family a wonderful summer!

Greetings, Linda & Agata👍👍😁😁




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