Swimsuits: 6 budget friendly ideas for moms you should consider 

Today’s post is about 6 budget friendly swimsuits for moms.   So if you’re trendy, fashion orientated mom looking for inspiration, you’ll find some great ideas here.

The summer is here and consequently also one of the must-haves of this season: Swimsuit!

But what to choose when you’re post pragnency? Bikini or swimsuit?

Do I need a swimsuit?

First off all if you need a swimsuit depends totally on you and on how you feel about your post pregnancy body at the moment. Do you feel ready to go to the beach? Or would you rather like to hide few imperfections until you feel more confident?

Swimsuit or bikini?

Many new moms choose swimsuit instead of bikini. Why? Becouse usually it takes some time to return to your pre-pregnancy form. It surely is possible but it takes some time and effort.

Can I enjoy the summer?

Does that mean you can’t enjoy the summer before getting back in shape? Absolutely NO! You have all the right to do so, especially when you deserve it so much as a hard working mommy. If wearing a beautiful swimwear that makes you feel comfortable is going to help you with it, you should definitely have it.

No to bikini for now

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini yet, there’s no problem at all. There are lots of beautiful swimsuits available. We think every new mom can find something attractive.   So we selected 6 budget friendly options from H&M as a suggestion for you. Take a look!

Six swimsuits from H&M

SSS: Shaping, Stripes, Sport Swimsuits

1. Shaping swimsuit

How does a shape swimsuit works? Well, exacly the same way as shaping underwear, so it shapes up everything you want to hide or accentuate after pragnency. This model comes in black and white with black stripes in sizes 2-14 (US) and 34-42 (EU) at H&M.

2. Swimsuit with zipper

Do you want to try the trend of all time? Go for the stripes! They always come back in one form or the other. In addition they never go out of fashion! In this case the stripes come with red zipper which makes the whole suit more fancy and edgy. Available in sizes 2-14 (US) or 34-42 (EU) at H&M.

3. Sport swimsuit

For the sporty Moms and those who look for more coverage and support, this swimsuit is the one! It’s from the the H&M’s sport collection.  It gives support while being comfortable at the same time! Available in sizes from 2-14 (US) or 34-42 (EU) at H&M.

LTE: Lacing, Tropicana, Embroidery Swimsuits

4. Swimsuit with lacing

If you are more daring type of mom, this is a Swimsuit for you! It’s sexy but elegant, especially in black, as it comes in that colour as well. Available in sizes from 2-14(US) or 34-42 (EU). More information and choice on H&M.

5. Tropicana swimsuit

Tropicana is the biggest trend of this summer!  Therefore if you’re a trendy Mom you may consider choosing this beautiful, colourful swimsuit. It’s very fashionable and a real eye-catcher. Plus your kids will find you on the beach immediately  🙂 Sizes from 2-14 (US) or 34-42 (EU) at H&M.

6. Swimsuit with embroidery

Simple black swimsuit covering a lot of areas you may wish to cover. The beautiful embroidery with plants and birds is based on one of this seasons trends. As a result of that this swimsuit is very elegant and fashionable. Available in sizes 2-14 (US) or 34-42 (EU) at H&M.

Our tip: if you want your new swimsuit even cheaper, check out H&M webshop regularly for sale!

We hope you can find a great, feminine and perfect for your post-pregnancy body swimsuit for this summer and most of all that you will enjoy this time with your family.

Greetings, Linda & Agata

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