Eye-catcher Dress – why your Little Girl should have it?

Eye-catcher dress! That’s what we want to talk about today.  If you are curious and want to now more about why we think your Little Girl should have a fabulous eye-catcher dress, keep on reading.

What’s an eye-catcher dress?

1. Instant attention

An eye-catcher dress is a dress that instantly draws all the attention because it’s so unique.

2. Key item

It is the key item of the outfit and everything else simply supports it.

3. Supporting accessories

Your Little Girl doesn’t need many accessories when wearing the eye-catcher dress. It’s unnecessary and could be disturbing. So use only what is necessary and what won’t take the attention away from the dress.

Why does your Little Girl need an eye-catcher dress?

1. Must – have

She needs an eye-catcher dress because every girl/woman needs it!🤣 But seriously we think that such a dress is a must-have in every wardrobe and for every season.

2. Not expensive

It doesn’t have to be expensive. What’s great  it’s not about the money, it’s about the WOW factor. But what if I’m on a budget? Don’t worry – one such a dress per season is enough!

3. Her personal taste, her style

It shows the personal taste and style of your Little Girl  (or your own if she’s still too little to have one herself). So you don’t have to buy that dress that we or any other blogger/youtuber shows.  You use the dress that is the eye-catcher dress for you (her).

4. Supports her beauty

That dress must support the complexion of your daughter, accentuate het beauty, be perfect for her.

What kind of dress did we choose for this post?

We chose this fabulous red & pastel pink dress from H&M . We simply love it. Atka was thinking :” Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy would wear it and rock it!”👍😆🤣 It’s perfect for girls of colour like Linda’s mocca Little Girl because it accentuates their beautiful complexion. This dress is also very trendy. Trends for this season support pastels but also bright colours. We wrote more about it in Summer Season’s Trends & Spring Season Review on Styling Little People post.

What we used:

Dress from H&M

Sandals from I ❤ Next (second hand). You can get similar sandals at H&M .

We hope you found this post useful and are now encouraged to get your daughter a fabulous eye-catcher dress!

Greetings, Linda & Atka👍👍😁😁



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