Fall and Winter ’17/18 Trend Review for kids

In today’s post we’ve put the new Fall and Winter biggest trends for your kids together.  If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration for the upcoming seasons, keep on reading!

Fall Season has officially started and as we mentioned in our “The Best of Summer Season” post we are thrilled to write about it! So let’s see what can we expect this Fall for our kids.

Big commercial brands like H&M and Primark already had their Back To School campaigns. And so did big fashion houses like Dolce&GabbanaVersace Fendi   and Balmain .

What did we find inspiring?

The Early Fall Trends

Inspiration :

Right now we’re facing the Early Fall  Season. This season’s fashion is inspired by the earth and by nature.


Earthy colors : dark brown,light brown,  grey and green  brightend by mostard  yellow and deep red – the colours of the nature we can expect any moment!

The key items :

The must – have items for your kids at the moment are:

  • flannel shirt (for boys)
  • bomber jacket (for girls and boys)

If you’ve got a bomber jacket for your child in the spring, then it is ready for the fall season as wel because it’s a perfect piece of clothing for both those seasons.

  • shoes (for girls and boys)

A good pair of sturdy shoes, for example a look alike Dr.Martens shoes are an ultimate item your kid can wear making any outfit looking good and edgy. The budget friendly look alike of Dr. Martens shoes are to find at H&M, Zara or Primark.

Mid-Fall Trends

Mid-Fall or in other words Pre-Winter is the time of the year when it’s much darker and colder outside. That’s a good moment to get some accessories like hats, beanies and scrafts your kids will use the whole Winter Season.

Extra tip

Can’t find a cool beanie or scraft? Maybe your mom or grandma can make one for you kids! It’s super original, special, cool and  budget friendly! And no other kid will have the same winter accessories as your kids!

Colors :

Mostard yellow, red, green, blue, grey and black.

Key Items :

The must – have items for your kids for Mid – Fall are:

  • coat (for girl)
  • puffy jacket (for boy)
  • beanie with text (for girls and boys)
  • sweater with some cool print (for boys and girl)

Using those pieces to dress your kid for school or any other ocassion is very easy. Just put some pair of denim and a good sweater together and you child is practically good to go.

Early Winter Trends

Begin of the winter in fashion for kids is inspired by Mountain Yurt. Think about Disney movie “My Brother Bear ” and you’ll know what we mean 🤣😉.


Dark deep brown, red, yellow, white, offwhite , grey and  creme.

Key Items:

  • teddy bear jacket (for girls and boys)
  • Dr.Maartens  look alike shoes (for girls and boys)
  • warm jumpsuit (for girls)
  • flannel shirt (for boys)

The flannel shirt trend stays the whole Fall / Winter season !

Mid Winter Trends

Winter Season (starting with mid winter) is inspired  by Preppy Classic, the idea of fancy private school uniforms or Blair Waldorf from the Gossip Girl. This trend is strong at Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana. It looks cute on younger kids and pretty cool and serious on older kids.


Black, deep dark blue, red, yellow , green , grey and white.


Checked pattern, flowers .

The Key items:

  • suit jacket (for boy)
  • white or red shirt (for boy)
  • flower dress (for girl)
  • checked pants  or pants with a stripe on the side (for a girl)
  • high boots (for girl)

All items in this post were found at Zara and H&M.

That’s all for today. We hope you can get inspired with our short review of the newest trends for Fall and Winter Season for kids. We are planning on showing you some of those trends in our outfit propositions for children.

Greetings, Linda and Agata 👍👍😀😀


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