How to style a boy: Sweet Hooligan

In this post we’ll show you how to style your boy like a Sweet Hooligan. 

This styling is simple but with swag! Your boy will look like a super chilled, relaxed swagger 😂😉.

How to create this look?

 First of all with denim which will be the hit of the season – again! Denim will be coming back in many outfits, not only for children.

Then with the badges that are all time favourites for everything and everyone. And with bandana that makes this styling a bit spicy.

This ootd is great for many occasions when we want our boy to stand out from the crowd.  But it’s also great for school and on the weekend. It’s stylish and cool as well.

What we used:

Scarf: second hand / no brand

Badges : Hema / Zeeman / Primark

Beanie : Zeeman

Denim jacket : second hand / no brand

Denim  trousers: Hema

Long-sleeve : H&M / second hand

Shoes : H&M


How do you like this styling? Is it something for your boy? Let us know👍😃

Greetings, Linda and Agata




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