How to style a girl: Back to New York

Today we are presenting you with a styling that again is inspired with New York. And we are in love with this look!

Not only the hoodie we used has New York written on it. But also the whole outfit makes us think about this amazing city and it’s energy.

The look is simple, sporty, relaxed. Colours are pastel except for the accessories. It’s all about being comfy and chilled but also very trendy.

What we used:

Jacket: H&M ( new collection )

Hoodie: H&M ( new collection)

Pants: H&M  ( new collection )

Cap: H&M ( Show Man’s )

Shoes: Converse All Star

Let us know what do you think about this New York inspired look.

Greetings, Linda and Agata👍👍😊😊

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