How to style a girl: Little Farmer Girl

This post is about styling your little one  like a sweet farmer girl.  It is classic, timeless and playful.

The bandana, this time wrapped on our model’s head in the 1940s style is the main accessory. Together with the dungarees denim it creates the base for the Little Farmer Girl look.

The combination of denim and stripes is also a classic. You can never go wrong with it. It is also great for women. So if you’re looking for a ME & MINI ME outfit, this styling is perfect for you and your little girl.

The glitter Converse sneakers and orange dotted socks bring even more playfulness to the outfit.

What we used:

Dungarees denim : H&M, new collection

Long-sleeve : C&A, second hand

Banana : second hand, no name

Shoes: Converse All Star

Socks : Hema






Model: Linda’s Little Girl ❤

So how did you like this Little Farmer Girl outfit? Is it something for your little girl? Or maybe even for the both of you? Let us know 👍😀

Greetings, Linda and Agata 😃😃






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