5 Gift Ideas for a Newborn Girl&Boy

Today we have some great gift ideas for newborn girls and boys we want to show you. We hope you’ll like our 5 gift ideas for babies!


Every year many babies are born and it’s wonderful!💜 Maybe you yourself just welcomed one in your family😁. Or maybe someone from your friends did.  Of course you want to celebrate this wonderful occasion and give something special as a gift for that beautiful newborn.


But what to give as a present? How to stay original but practical at the same time?

We will show you 5 great gift ideas for newborn girls and boys that will definitely make them and their parents happy!


1.Leather moccasins from Baby Exclusive line at H&M. Those cute shoes are already packed as a gift so you don’t even have to think about that! You can get them here .

If you like to give something more exclusive, H&M has the Baby Exclusive and Premium Quality artickels.

Also Zara assembled a Capsule Wardarobe for babies – how handy when you’re a new mom ! You can check their colletion over here .

2.Cute two-piece biologic cotton  pyjamas in beautiful and girly pastel color! (Read some more about this season’s colour trends here). We’ve found those pyjamas at H&M .

3. Baby Exclusive 4 pairs of socks made from soft biologic cotton. These socks are already in a cute gift packaging. You can order them  at H&M Online Store .

4.  Set of 3 cute head bands. You can get them in four different color combinations but this one was found here . It’s a must-have for every newborn girl and you can find it almost everywhere!

5. The Instagram Mama ultimate must-have!  Those cute month cards are an excellent gift for all mommies who like to post online the photos of their newborn babies as they get older and older! Perfect especially for your Instagram feed. Such a gift will make every Insta Mama very happy! We found those cute month cards at Etsy .



1.Two-piece Little Gentleman set made from soft cotton. It’s so adorable it will melt your heart when seen on a Newborn Boy! You can get this one here .

2.Set of 3 little cute pairs of socks made from soft  biological cotton. You can get them at H&M .

3. Set of 3 bibs. The must-have for every baby on the earth! It helps to protect all those cool clothes newborn babies wear! We’ve found those bibs  here  and they are available in more colors and desings.

4. The most basic item each baby owns from the beginning: onesie! You can get it in white , but how much more fun it is to give the funny funky ones? This banana onesie was found here and it comes in set of 6 and is perfect for boys and girls.

5. Avocado puppet, how cool is that?? If the mommy of a baby is a huge fan of healthy foods (including avocado 🤣), this toy will make both her and the newborn boy very happy. It’s a funny, cute and orginal gift! You can get this one at H&M .

That’s all for today. We hope you are inspired with our great and wallet friendly ideas for gifts for newborn girls and boys.

Greetings, Linda & Agata👍👍😁😁




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