Styling for a Boy: Outgoing Elegance

Today’s post is about a simple, classy look with a twist. 

We prepared something elegant but outgoing. 

You can divide this outfit in two. 

The top half is simple, classy, elegant. Perfect for a dinner at grandparents house😉. 

 The bottom half is more outgoing and casual . Old All Star sneakers give it an extra messy, even edgy feeling. 

Neutral palette makes it a perfect outfit for most of the boys.

What we used:

Sweater : H&M

Shirt :H&M

Jeans: Name It ( second hand )

Shoes: Converse All Star ( second hand )

Hat: H&M

Model: Show Man, Linda’s Little Girl’s brother😊

What do you think about such a look? Let us know.

Greetings, Linda and Agata 👍😊

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