Styling for a girl: Mini Vintage Girl

In today’s post we are showing you a modern touch on the Pin-Up Girl styling.

When we hear Vintage Girl we immediately see a beautiful American girl from the 60’s, drinking milkshakes with her girlfriends, posing by a beautiful cadillac, wearing great make-up and of course being all stylish and dressed in those colourful, pop up, feminine clothes.

We love vintage and we love that look. We wanted to create something that is inspired by it but is not exactly a copy of that style. What we came with is a modern version of a mini Vintage Girl look.

We have bright colours – mostly red – and we have a scarf that is styled in the 60’s fashion. The result : it’s cute, it’s girly and it’s sweet – which is just as it should be!

Then instead of using slim fitting pants or a wide floating skirt with petticoat we used simple boyfriend denim. It gives this outfit a modern look. Pink glitter sneakers add to the cuteness factor.

Vintage Girl style will never go out of fashion. You can always adapt it in your own or your girl’s style, especially if you mix it with modern pieces. It looks great on women, but honestly, it looks even better on a sweet girl like yours! Try it out!

What we used:

Checked shirt : Vinrose, second hand

Denim pants : IKKS, second hand

Scarf : no name, second hand

Shoes : Converse All Star

( This whole ootd cost about 5 euro, because everything came from a thrift shop and the shoes were a gift from Little Girl’s aunt )

So that is our modern twist on a Vintage Girl look. What’s great about it is that your girl can were it on many different occassions, from special events to everyday.

Let us know what you think about it.

Greetings, Linda & Agata.

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