Styling for a Little Girl: Brooklyn

Today we’ll be showing you our newest outfit for a Little Girl.

This time we were inspired by two great fashion sources : young fashion star North West Kardashian and Brooklyn, New York Street fashion.

This is a totally casual, sporty, comfy look. Our model can easily play and have fun in this outfit still being super fashionable. Maybe if she would walk the streets of Brooklyn no one would know she’s Dutch 😂😉.

Here’s what w used for this styling:

Denim jacket ( second hand )

H&M sweater ( it was our model’s brother’s 😀 )

Converse sneakers

H&M Legging

H&M cap ( it was our model’s brother’s – yes it’s from the boys collection! )

We’re using a new photo camera, how you like the results?

What do you think about this styling? Let us know.

GreetingsLinda & Agata


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