Styling for a Little Girl: You rock my world baby

We like to show you the results of our 1st photo shoot. We were working on an outfit for a 2 year old  Linda’s Little Girl.

We wanted to create a girly look with a bit of an edgy site to it. To achieve that we worked with different structures and with black color.

Black color and black jacket give this look a rocky, edgy feel.  The pinch of color on the T-shirt and socks is playful. Together with the frill on the skirt it makes this outfit girly.

Here are the results.


Jacket: H&M – new collection

T-shirt: Zara (  second hand, model’s property )

Skirt : H&M ( model’s property )

Shoes: H&M

Socks: Hema




For these pictures we used different shoes ( All Stars – model’s property ) because shoes we had were too big .

Vegan Candy was a big help with  making  our sweet model happy!

So that was out 1st ootd for a little girl.

Let us know what you think about it.

Greetings, Linda & Agata











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