Jumpsuit: the best choice for the Last Days of Summer

How to create cute, trendy and unique outfit for the last days of summer using jumpsuit and few accessories? Let’s find it!

The end of summer

In the Netherlands where we live school begins on Monday 28/08. So after 6 weeks of summer break it’s time to get our kids ready for new season. It also means getting their outfits ready. But we don’t want to let the summer go just yet!

Let’s use jumpsuit!

What would you like your little girl to wear during the last days of summer? We ourselves like to put some comfy, breathable clothes on when it’s warm. And so do our children. That’s why we thought about something that’s summery, comfortable, cute and trendy: JUMPSUIT!

Where can I buy cute jumpsuit for my daughter?

You can buy great jumpsuits at many different shops like your local kid’s fashion stores but also at H&M, Zara or Primark. For Linda’s Little Girl we chose this super cute white lace jumpsuit from H&M.

This model of jumpsuit in different colours comes back each year to H&M. It’s such a cute piece of clothing that it returns to the store every Spring/Summer season in one form or the other. So if you’ve missed it this year, don’t worry, you can buy this beautiful jumpsuit for your daughter next year as well.

Let’s mix Urban Jungle, Beach and Vintage together!

Our inspiration for this outfit was the mix of urban jungle and beach style with a bit of vintage in the form of bandana. We used this bandana in our Mini Vintage Girl” post too. We also used denim jacket as it is very trendy and goes with everything. You can see similar one in our “How to assemble great outfit in 3 minutes” post as well.

You can do it yourself!

We hope you’ll find this simple but playful “last days of summer” outfit inspiration useful. If your little girl has any summer jumpsuit you can easily create similar look for her. Just add some accessories that’ll match the style and colours of it.

What we used:

 Jumpsuit – H&M

Jacket – Friendz (second hand)

Sandals – I 💜 Next (second hand)

Bandana – local trift shop

Sunglasses – Hema

Have fun creating new outfits for your daughter. And enjoy those beautiful last days of summer and begin of the school season as well. 

Greetings, Linda and Agata 👍👍😊😊



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