Summer Season’s Trends & Spring Season Review on Styling Little People

In today’s post we want to say goodbye to the Spring Season and welcome the Summer Season instead.

Saying goodbye to the Spring Season at Styling Little People.

Let’s start with reviewing what we showed you in our Spring Season posts.

In our 1 st post we wrote about the trends for the upcoming season. If you followed our posts later on you could see we tried to stick to them most of the time.


We showed you different versions of pastel outfits here (pastel mint outfit) and here (colour pastel denim).


We included animal prints in this (wild cat), this (birds) and this (lion) post.


We wrote many practical tips , especially here (newborn gift ideas), here (8 must – have items for your boy) and here (3 minute outfit for girls).

What can we expect from the Sumner Season trends for kids?


The trends for the Sumner are the continuation of the Spring. We can expect even more Tropicana topic with tropical prints like fruits, flora and animals. Tropical vibe is still very strong!


When it comes to colours, pastels will still be the trend of the summer. But we’ll also more of the bright colours, especially greens and blues.

What new trends for the Summer are also worth mentioning?

But there are also some new trends worth mentioning. We think you may like them very much – we do!👍


For boys we can expect new things like marble prints, embossed text, 3D effects, rustic details,lots of active wear and bright palette of colours, especially indigoes.


When out comes to girls we’ll see vintage patterns, floral prints, which will have that nostalgic, romantic vibe to them.   Like a Vintage Garden😃. Second hand, vintage, folk inspired pieces will be also welcome.

If you want to see some great visual boards of the trends you can find them at Pinterest.

You can expect that here at Styling Little People we’ll try to include the trends into our summer posts. As always we’ll be mixing them with the pieces we already have and love. You’ll see some new and some second hand items.

We can’t wait to prepare many great, inspirational summer posts for you starting next week!

Greetings, Linda & Agata👍👍😁😁






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