Swimshorts for boys: 5 budget friendly & trendy ideas

Today’s post is all about budget friendly and trendy swimwear for boys: we show you 5 cool swimshorts to choose from! Take a look at those affordable picks for your boy.

Does my boy need new swimshorts this summer?

If your boy needs a new pair of swimshorts depends on few things.

First of all the question is how much he grew from last summer. Because kids at certain age grow few inches / centimetres every year, it’s possible that the swimwear from previous year doesn’t fit them anymore.

Another thing is that swimwear often gets little bit destroyed from the sun, sand and salt water. The more often the kids wear it to the beach, the more chance it will get used up.  But who doesn’t love the sun, sand and water? Of course our kids do!😂😁👍So this year we’ll be spending lots of our time on the beach with them. Therefore we have to be prepared and having the right swimwear is a necessity.

The budget friendly swimshorts you can choose from : Minions, Neon and Tropicana

1 . Minions on the beach

The most popular movie at the time is the “Despicable Me 3” and of course we all – kids and adults as wel – love the Minions! If your boy is the same as Linda’s son – the Show Man – he will love to go to the beach with Minions on his shorts! The price for this model is $12,99 or €9, 99. It’s available for ages from 1,5 year to 10 years (US) or in sizes  92-140 (EU) at H&M.

2 .Neon pants

Are you worried you’ll loose your boy at a busy beach? If so get him a neon colored pants! You’ll find him in a second since it won’t be possible not to see him🤣👍. The price is $5,99 or €4,99. It’s available for ages 1,5 year to 10 years (US) or in sizes 92-140(EU) at H&M.

3. Tropicana vibe

As you may know from our Summer Trends post , tropicana is the trend of this season. Therefore these palm trees swimshorts are trendy, cute and funky. Also quiet easy to spot on a crowded beach of swimpool. This model costs $12,99 or €9,99. It’s available for ages 1,5 year to 10 year (US) or in sizes 92-140 (EU) at H&M.

Another 2 great picks for your boy: Stripes and Sharks

3. Stripes

First of all stripes are timeless! Also they are perfect all-time summer trend for big and Little People. This pair of swimshorts is simple but cool and classy.  It costs $12,99 or €9,99. It’s available for ages 1,5 year to 10 years (US) or in sizes 92-140 (EU) at H&M.

4. Sharks

Although not all children like to eat fish, most of them like to look at them. And sharks are definitely many boys’ favourites! So why not to choose those great swimshorts with sharks on them? The price for this  model is $ 12,99 or € 9,99. It’s available for ages 1,5 years to 10 years (US) or in sizes 92-140 (EU) at H&M.

Why H&M swimwear?

As you can see all 5 of those swimshorts are from H&M. Why? We think that the price / quality of the clothing for children in that shop is accurate.

Additionally it really has many fashionable, trendy and cool pieces. And we know boys will love them!

Of course it doesn’t mean you have to buy exactly these models but we hope that maybe they can serve as good examples. And we hope you like our few tips. But most of all we wish you and your family a wonderful summer.

Greetings, Linda & Agata👍👍😁😁


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