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How it all started here at Styling Little People

Last Sunday, February 5, we’ve got a new idea.

Everything started two days before , when we were working together on a photoshoot of Linda’s (2 years old) Little Girl. We never did anything like this before but we liked it very much and the results were really nice.

Because  we had so much fun, because the results were pretty good and Linda’s Little Girl was having a lot of fun ( after the initial shyness was gone ), it all just felt right!

That was the moment when the idea was born.

So two days later we were texting like crazy discussing the new idea : starting a brand new blog about styling and fashion for children!

What can you expect from us?

It’s going to be a real adventure for  the both of us. We have a bit of experience because we both were bloggers for the past 1,5 year. But it was only as a hobby and we weren’t always serious about it.

Now we really want to bring something to the table. We want to make good content for you. Our goal is making everyone see that having style and being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of money or resources.

We want to show you how to mix and match using what you already have and adding some new trendy pieces. Because we are big fans of using second hand and vintage items and mixing it with new, affordable pieces. We hope we can show you how you can do it yourself for your kids. And most of all how you can have fun with styling them!

If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration for mums, stay tuned. We are planning on creating some great posts for all the moms as well 😊.

Why Styling Little People?

We came with this name because we strongly believe that children really are Little People. Just like us they deserve to be wearing cute, trendy and beautiful outfits. And when they are big enough and have their own sense of style, it should be respected and developed with our help.

We hope you’ll find here loads of ideas and inspiration  for your kids and in the future for yourself as well. You are always welcome.

Linda & Atka



  1. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment!! We are very glad you visited our blog and liked how it looks!! We hope you Will visit us again and we wish you a wonderful weekend!!

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